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Conference Background:

China International E-Waste 2017 which will be held on Sept 12-Sept 13, 2017 in Shanghai, China.

With the technology development of consumer electronics, the wholeworld is facing serious problems caused by high e-waste flow produced everyday. China is the largest supplier of consumer electronic in the world,Government is working hard to help the recyclers and organization to dealingwith e-Waste problem. This event, now at its 5th annual, will gather togetherall the players in the supply chains to discuss the latest development andresearch progress in e-waste management.

Conference Highlight

Global Market Analysis

Worldwide updates, efforts on standards and technology for e-Wastemanagement

The government of China’s summary on e-waste management includingthe achievement and troubles.

Green design and environment Materials

OEM manufacturers' efforts in product's life cycle management

E-waste management innovation in terms of recycling, ELC materialflow, electronics recycling services & e-waste recycling machinery,material recovery process

Innovative recycling and processing methods from the solutionproviders

E-Waste and Metal scrap sorting innovation

Management and Resource Utilization of Waste Lithium ion Batteries

E-Waste and Metal scrap sorting innovation

Lamp recycling and mercury recovery from waste products

OEM take back programme

E-Waste Collector focus

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